I have my Real Estate License in Florida, but I am no lawyer. If you want the seller to recieve more money, pay more for the property. However remember something is only worth as much as someone is willing, ready, and able to pay for it. The buyers agent only recieves the portion in which the selling agent decides to give. Generally it is 3%, but in Florida there is no law that it must be. The selling agent could decide to give 0% or 10% depending on how much or how little the commision % that they are recieving. If you want look for "FOR SALE BY OWNER" in your area then you don't have to pay any commission. However, remember you want professionals on your side. I say the best way to make sure the owner gets the 3% commission back (if that is what the selling agent has agreed to give up) is to get the license yourself and omit your commission in an addendum prior to the sale.