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Posted over 2 years ago.

they have no clue what anything in school means to them they came from another country and have no experience in us classes. they were told that the I.E.P was to help me they though it was to stop the bullying but they never knew about the special education i was also confuse has to why i was put in that class until i when into high school. i am a legal 20 years old so i am force to keep the I.E.P it took 2 years to put me in a normal class in high school and my parents still have no clue about what a I.E.P does or what what they can do on the I.E.P i was always the one doing the work on it.

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Golnar Sargeant, Litigation Lawyer
Posted over 2 years ago.

Questioner: Mr. Corchnoy's response would answer your question. The fact that you are over 18 was very relevant and you should have put that in your question.