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Posted over 3 years ago.

The father-in-law had no working authorization during the time of the buying of this property and the renovations. However, his wife is a citizen of the US and was receiving around $2k a month for pension. My husband is going to be saying that the property was bought from her pension money and was renovated using that money also, however, $2k a month is not a feasible amount of money for that especially since they were paying off the mortgage on their own house during that time. My lawyer seems to not be interested in proving that it was money from my husband's salary that he was hiding from me going into that property. He also quit his job at one point and spent all his time there. Now, he rents out the property and that's what he's living off of (still no job) however he is saying "it's his dad's business" when it's clearly not. I don't know what to tell my lawyer I don't understand why he isn't fighting for me and thinking of ways to prove all this, isn't this information enough to get something going?

Paul Karl Siepmann
Paul Karl Siepmann, Family Law Attorney - Patchogue, NY
Posted over 3 years ago.

Maybe, maybe not. If you can track your husbands money going into the rental house then that is something to hang your hat out. It is difficult to get there if all you have is circumstance and speculation. Your father-in-law's immigration status/work authorization isn't going to prove anything. You need to have a frank discussion with your attorney regarding your expectations vis-a-vis the house issue. This could be a matter for trial requiring extensive and creative discovery. Are you financially prepared for those legal fees?