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Posted about 3 years ago.

Yes actually, this is what happend. A few days pass by after the incedent and it was a school day. Idk but I skipped school that day. I go home and told my mom and brother what had happend that night, my mom took me to the e.r for a pregnancy test. It came out to be negative. Then the cops were called and we had to go down the police station. We sit there and wait and finally one of the detectives come out. They take me to this room and show me a screen shot of the Instagram post the female have posted. It was the picture of one of the males on top of me. You can see the side of his face in the picture. And on the screen shot of the post you can clearly see the girls Instagram account name. Right there INFRONT of the detective I broke down in tears and felt hopeless. I told the detective everything that happend that night and they were charged with first degree rape. Witch I assume is the worst. Both the three males and females were arrested a few days later. The female was bailed out. But the three males were still in jail. They were realeased two weeks after. The police took there phones and investigated. In there they found a video they took that night and also the picture that was taken.

Richard C. Southard
Richard C. Southard, Criminal Defense Attorney - New York, NY
Posted about 3 years ago.

You should be able to find out from the DAs Office what happened to the case. If they admitted guilt then it can be helpful in the civil case. Then it becomes an issue of damages (how has it affected your life) and do these individuals have any assets/money that if you won your lawsuit, you could collect something.