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Posted over 3 years ago.

I respect your time, but I am sorry to say, just a copy paste of an already prepared answer to think that it covers what I have asked is a little odd.

Marilynn Mika Spencer
Marilynn Mika Spencer, Employment / Labor Attorney - San Diego, CA
Posted over 3 years ago.

My first two paragraphs responded to your specific question. The rest is a macro I prepared so I can provide information to more askers here than I would be able to do otherwise. My point was to describe how easy it is for employers to find out what they want without violating Labor Code 432.7.

That said, from your post and your comments to the responses you've received, I would say you are going to have to retain counsel to brainstorm with you on non-traditional approaches to address you problem. What you want is outside the scope of what we can do on Avvo, which only allows a limited amount of information and is, of course, not a confidential site.