Town of Brookhaven Town, changes codes to hurt and cause homes to be foreclosed on.. Single people are being singled out. I'm a widow have owned my home for 35 years. Home taxes $14,000 and I have not one child. My home is in excellent condition and not a issue to my neighbors.. Town go through court records in Landlord Tenant court, they seen to get the permission of the court to research files. Have watched this happen first hand. I have had to put out two different people because they chose to live in the home and pay NO expenses. I had to take them to L/T court as there was nothing I could do to get them removed. No all people do what they need too, like to use people.
Hired a Real Estate, town code atty, BUT this was a CRIMINAL CASE. I didn't know town violations are CRIMINAL... Single people are not allowed to live in a home..Sharing housing make a lot of sense. Not everyone makes $150,000 per year. Even apts are to expense for a lot of single people. There are no additions to the home, one kitchen, yes two of the rooms do have private bathrooms. Many couples put a lock on a bedroom door. Told in NYS YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED A DOOR LOCK ON ANY DOOR..... Can put a bathroom if you need to get into would have to pic it?
Is it better for neighborhoods to have half in foreclosure? Long Island is 50% foreclosed. There are no jobs on LI. I'm a RN and make half of what I made in 1991, but even with that I can afford my home alone...Five bedrooms I should be allowed to have roommates, but they want to call them Tenants.. Three's company, Golden girls were they roommates or tenants... They started out not knowing each other, and they changed from time to time...Shared one home