They were calculated in 2011, but they are higher than the guidelines. I am not trying to increase my support, I am only trying to make the court make my ex pay for something that i am supposed to pay half of and can no longer afford because the co pays that i pay 100% of tripled. ALso for paying over the guidelines my ex was given MY deductions, ,mortgage (I own the house) three of the four children (they live with me over 90% of the time) he is allowed to claim all of the money from the DOR (all but 50) as alimony, for his tax purposes only, the DOR still sees it as child support. Which then forces me to owe and to pay almost 1000 to the IRS because it is alimony, money I would not have to pay otherwise. The agreement is different, there are two parts to it. a mortgage component and a non mortgage component, the actual money I receive I get through the DOR, my ex keeps the balance of our support order to pay the mortgage, taxes, ins. For ex. if it were 1000 a week, I'd get 500 from DOR and he would keep 500 and pay the mortgage, taxes, ins. with that 500. So in the DOR's eyes, I only get 500 a week in child support, it is our agreement that makes it 1000. So he does not really give me more than the guidelines, which would have been approx. 36,000, because the 52,000 that is given to me (this includes the mortgage payments.....) is pretty much just an advance because I was forced to give him my deductions. He did not just volunteer to pay that extra money, he is compensated for it in the end. At the end of the year he gets monies/write offs he would not have EVER had if I didn't give them. I was awarded the house in the divorce agreement, it is mine, I can refinance it today and get him off the mortgage or I can sell it today and keep 100% of the profits, but because he is still listed on the mortgage he can legally still be allowed the write offs, but had he not agreed to pay the extra each week, that would have been my write off, he would have no right to it whatsoever. Because then I would have had to pay the mortgage from the 36,000 I got in child support. anyhow, he got back from all of his write offs over 12000.00 last year. he pays 16,000 over, if you deduct that and half of all of my co pays, which he would have had been ordered to pay (minus the first 250) his share would have been 2500, plus you can't expect me to count the 1000 I have to pay the IRS as part of the income, I would not be paying that if he wasn't allowed to claim it for his tax purposes only, so that 1000 should be taken right off the top so it should all come off of 51,000.00 so add the 12,000 and the 2500, you get 14500, if you deduct it from the 51,000 you get 36,500, so he really is not paying over guidelines, not to mention he does nothing for them pays for almost not extras, brings them no where I am the one who does i all. I stay at home. my kids are still fairly young and have many different medical and educational issues, so I am the caregiver, I do it all, he is clueless, i anything he interferes and has no knowledge which is even scarier. So I have filed a modification not to have him pay me more, but just to make the court order him to pay for my share of the braces for my children (right now two of them, all four need them) I can not afford it with all of the co pays and I can not split co pays with hm as much as I'd love to, because he will not ever pay his share, that was another reason I got stuck with htem, because I would have anyhow, he was constantly in arrears with his child support and never paid co pays. My lawyer was HORRIBLE. (that's a long story) anyhow since I am not actually asking for an increase in support, do you think the amount of child support will come up or be affected? Thanks.