You are correct distance is a factor in my visitation and, my ex has made me attending the games very negative and she gets angry if I come. She has told the kids she doesn't want me at the games because it makes her uncomfortable, even though I never speak to her or go near her. My eldest cant take her mother's anger and has asked me to stop coming to the games because it just makes things bad for her and her sister when they get home. Ie: Mom will yell at them and ask why they want me to attend their games when they know she does not like me, etc, so I have not been able to attend the games she signs them up for on my time for 2 years now. This had been brought up in court before but I couldn't "prove" anything she has said or done to the kids. My judge said she does not interview children under the age of 11. Thank you for your answer, it isnt me wanting to keep my kids from what they love, I just dont have alot of time and feel I am being placed in a rock and a hard place due to the scheduling of these activities.