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Thank you for the reply Adam. Let me add a bit more to the specifics and see if that helps shed light on the situation (coped from another reply):
I'm not a leader. That's my concern. I'm not a manger of anyone except myself.
Referencing the Exempt Jobs list for the FLSA, my duties do not fall within executive, administrative, creative or computer professional.

I work an inside sales job, and in 2013 my gross pay after taxes barely broke 17k.
(Factoring in taxes bumps this to a total of $19,108.67)

My last issue, is that I am not the only one in this same position. There are at least a dozen other employees within the company with my exact role and purpose, whom are all paid the same way.

Now that I think about it, about half of the entire company (of roughly ~250 employees) are all salaried in various positions.

Does that change anything legally, or am I just being ungrateful?
Thankfully, all of the records are kept digitally of both pay stubs AND all punches. I have already made a physical copy of the entire year of 2013's pay stubs and punches, just in case.

Unfortunately, however, being an at-will state leaves the selection of an Employment Lawyer pretty thin. There are only a few in my area, whom have not yet replied to my voice mails.

I was hoping to gain some insight here to possibly re-word my potential case, as I know the ones I've reached out to are very busy people.

Alan Sanders Richard
Alan Sanders Richard, Admiralty / Maritime Attorney - Tallahassee, FL
Posted over 3 years ago.

With about over 100 similarly situated employees, it may be worth the while of an attorney located in another city. Don't limit your search to your immediate neighborhood.