There was no disdrespect to this Judge. The O.T.C. was strictly on facts about my daughter and her mothers treatment, recent arrest interfering with court orders etc. The case law Amore amore deals with harassment due to education and limited finances showing possible harassment for continued filings. The roles are completely reversed. Im forced Pro se, while my advocate makes 90k per year and receives benefits from SS due to my disability. I think this judge was given false information by the court staff who is aquantences of my advocate after 7 TRO's she filed against me in a 6 year period. All were heard before a different judge and I fortunately was able to prove them fictitious. Had this Judge simply denied it for specific reasons would be one thing, but he sighted and warned of harassment against the court for completely wrong reasons. This is now a problem. especially with the frequency that charges are filed against me and most importantly the things that are happening to my daughter.