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Posted about 5 years ago.

Stop telling immigrants that if they claim abuse they can get their status adjusted this is why there is so many innocent Americans being accused of abuse by immigrants. This is not right..The immigrants use this as an opportunity to leave a spouse who they have a disagreement with or regular marital issues that occur, this is not right..Too many innocent lives are being destroyed because of these false abuse claim.

Elaine Carol Schneider
Elaine Carol Schneider, Immigration Attorney - Minneapolis, MN
Posted about 5 years ago.

I'm sorry you are so angry and feel you must write "anonymous," on your comment. For your information, immigrants who can prove a bona fide marriage, and who were petitioned for-- can still adjust status anyway. Further, those immigrants who weren't filed for, can only obtain adjustment based on alleged abuse if they meet a very high legal standard which is typically documented by extensive proof. No system is perfect, just as in family law cases, there will always be a percentage of the cases that are playing the system. Again, the system does work to require solid proof to avoid "false abuse claims," and again, the immigrant can adjust anyway unless they weren't filed for-- any you have to wonder WHY did the USC refuse to file for the adjustment of the spouse so that VAWA relief was their adjustment option.