I don't agree with this answer, moving is not he question I asked about. why should I move from an area I grew up in , where my parents reside, they didn't grow up there. Picking a boyfriend is no guarantee for really knowing someone, so I don't agree with this either. it take time to get to know all about someone, and even with that, the person can hide things about themselves, like a drug addiction or habits, even a con artist who just wants to date for a while to then rob you and cheat behind your back. no person can size up anyone without dating at least a few months, even years. Some women and men may not even know there partner till after they are married, why is divorce so high? Some women can have domestic violence after they are married. And as far as these men having assets, too bad. This man cannot just lie and take away someone's privacy because of his own vendetta and feelings of spite! wrong answers here. there is definitely defamation of my character. im still going to pursue this with the defamation lawyer, thanks you.