I agree with that but, as another colleague stated, you often need to also go to other agencies responsible for, for lack of a better term, general living conditions in the area, such as Code Enforcement. On Long Island (NY), we often can't get animal laws enforced unless we call 5, 10X and esp, if cameras are around. This is because an overworked, underfunded and understaffed non-profit does the enforcement, not the "real police" (who, BTYW, earn $150K+ a year with salary and benefits, plus O/T. They deserve it, in my mind, but we need to include animal law enforcement, not just for the animals but for the general dangerousness of most of these cases. e.g. major fighting ring in Suffolk, of course, also deals drugs, kids come to the fights, live in the filthy, dangerous homes with the bait animals and the fighting dogs, etc.