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Posted about 3 years ago.

I just filed two petitions for rule to show cause (pro se) for unpaid preschool/daycare costs and her blatant refusal to sign up for "our family wizard" which is part of the agreement. Won't the judge get sick of continuously seeing my name on the docket? I'm not sure if they'll get angry with me and say we should've gone to mediation. We had a 604B evaluator appointed and I had spoken with him and scheduled a meeting (which I wish more than anything would've actually taken place), but she decided to sign the agreement rather than set up her appointment with him. I wish the Judge would've ordered what they saw fit, rather than being in my current situation.

Judy A. Goldstein
Judy A. Goldstein, Child Custody Lawyer - Mokena, IL
Posted about 3 years ago.

Family Wizard is wonderful for communication problems but will not solve your present dilemma. Please hire a layer. Yes, your judge could start to remember your case if you are in court too much. That could go either way - in your favor or not - depending upon your facts.