Estela Matta
Estela Matta, Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Boston, MA
Posted over 3 years ago.

You should also know that all 50 states now have adopted some form of "uncontested Divorce" as an option for dissolution of a marriage. While each state has constructed their own statutes, they essentially all allow for an application for divorce that is not based on some fault or wrongful conduct of the other party.

Lee Alan Thompson
Lee Alan Thompson, Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Lancaster, OH
Posted over 3 years ago.

In Ohio, it's a little than some other states. We can do a dissolution of marriage but only if both parties agree to very thing, including the kids if applicable. But if one person says no at any point, including at the final hearing, dissolution of marriage is out the window and that leaves divorce.

We allow in a divorce the use of incompatibility, which many attorneys mistakenly refer to as a ground, it's really a status but, the incompatible people to agree they are or the divorce won't be granted. So, we kinda have it in Ohio and kinda not. It depends solely on the parties involved.