Christopher Daniel Leroi
Christopher Daniel Leroi, Mediation Attorney - Greenwood Village, CO
Posted over 3 years ago.

I am from Kalamazoo and have always been looking for a criminal defense attorney to refer old friends still in Kalamazoo to. I think that I have found that with Mr. Jones.

Becket J. Jones
Becket J. Jones, DUI / DWI Attorney - Kalamazoo, MI
Posted over 3 years ago.

Second question. Is this an OWI (drunk driving) matter or a Minor in Possession of Alcohol matter. As noted previously, it is rare for a case to go forward on OWI charges without a BAC from either blood or the datamaster at the police station.

There may be additional issues related to the arrest if you passed your field sobriety tests and did not take the on scene PBT. But, again, at the end of the day the only way to truly evaluate your case is to sit down face to face with a criminal defense attorney. There is no way to lay out the facts necessary on this forum to properly evaluate your case (and even if you wanted to, you shouldn't, because this forum is online and public, and could be potentially viewed by a prosecuting attorney).

Again, best of luck, and please contact a local criminal defense attorney to at least get a proper lay of the land.