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Posted over 3 years ago.

Hi, yes we did all that, and she also verbally attacked my oldest daughter of 13. I feel very confident it is not my fault now. Without my therapist during the last two months and her witnessing them sending the text/mails( which was a blessing in disguise;) years of abuse from my mother was endured w confusion but I'm very strong and secure. That only seem to fuel her. I am doing well emotionally most days. He is doing his best financially to ruin and control though. I'm trying to fight and not let him pull me down any longer. I had never been in abusive relationship. I began therapy as soon as I saw the signs with him and told him I was just having anxiety. Thank you for your time. God Bless

Lee Alan Thompson
Lee Alan Thompson, Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Lancaster, OH
Posted over 3 years ago.

It's not our fault!