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Posted over 3 years ago.

I tried talking to the mmother and she refuses. She doesnt work so my child sport is her paycheck. He is neglected and I'm tired of it. Everytime I talk to a lawyer in person they all tell me that its going to be a long process. My son doesnt want to live with her anymore so why do I need more reason than that?

Santos A Perez
Santos A Perez, Criminal Defense Attorney - Rochelle Park, NJ
Posted over 3 years ago.

It's a matter of *proving* to the court that your son is not being coerced by Dad or anyone else...Your son's opinions are only one side - you (generally) have to have proofs that he is in fact being harmed by this and that this is in fact occurring...You may also have to explain to the Court why is it that he was placed w/ mom to begin with, and if those particular reasons have changed... Each case is ridden with specific details so it is best for you to consult with counsel in private...