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Posted almost 4 years ago.

thank you for the great detail(s). The "individual" is my former fiance'. I moved out due to domestic abuse/violence. I provided certified mail "notice of intent" to recover" when "I got back on my feet". Do have receipt(s) and photos of property prior to our relationship. Believe failure to return & vandalism are based upon vindictiveness. I paid property insurance to current. Said "individual" stated "I'm still using" some of my property, as if to justify not returning. Returned/vandalized property was relocated to a property within "individual's control" and I had to pay for Uhaul, labor, & storage before property was presented to me. I expected all of it to be there, as was agreed to via email. I employed a commercial moving company & 2 additional helpers, but, left with, basically, an empty truck, within which was mostly unusable property. I leased a place two months ago, but cannot move in without property, so I have to pay rent at my former location, which is furnished, as well as the new location. Notified "individual" of these facts to no avail. Said "individual" stated "I purchased new furniture, why don't you do the same", so I have no idea what is the current status of mine....trashed/sold/given/stored/in use. Ques) What terms, then, are appropriate ? Ques) Sounds like my best recourse to recover finances for missing/vandalized property is "civil" should I do? Ques) What type of an attorney should I consult? Thank you for your help!

Nellie T. Schulz
Nellie T. Schulz, Contracts / Agreements Lawyer - Malvern, PA
Posted almost 4 years ago.

You should consult with a general litigation attorney who will be able to file a case for you in small claims court.