The financial aid system at Full Sail University covers tuition ahead, however, I was expelled two weeks later before the next semester.

And I didn't withdraw, I was expelled. Even though that was back in 2009, I still intend to sue for the millions of dollars. Expelled me due to retaliation and charged me for a course I never took. How can you charge someone for a course that they never took and then give them a F. I got expelled from the university and two weeks later, I am still in the course? That is called malice and retaliation. In fact, the dean yelled and said, "I'm gonna make sure that I screw your son over by expelling him". Truth. I will never forget those words as my mom was telling her off by the phone.

Full Sail University has been involved in financial aid scams. And they've been investigated.

My rights were violated and I do intend on paying an attorney and I'm gonna screw them over right back.