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Posted over 3 years ago.

Is there a certain amount of income an emancipated minor must have? I read that they have to be financially self-sufficient to be emancipated. I'm not sure how much she receives from Social Security, but I know it is enough to pay rent, food, etc. Basically the issue is her going back to her older sister's. Because of her temporary guardianship, we are trying to figure out how my friend would not have to go back to her sister's house and what legally needs to be done. She is 16 if that helps.

Keith Pickard
Keith Pickard, Child Custody Lawyer - Henderson, NV
Posted over 3 years ago.

Nevada law provides that anyone over 16 years of age may petition the court for emancipation. (NRS 129.080). There are a number of things the minor must demonstrate, including that they are receiving a legal income and managing their own financial affiars. (NRS 129.090). None of this is particularly easy to do, particularly for a 16 year old. But to answer the question completely, your friend needs to consult with an attorney who can get enough facts to answer properly.