I feel as if my rights have been completely yanked from me. I have went to the Veteran Services and they have nothing they can do for me since I didnt complete my first term, however if I wouldnt have been ordered to the rehab then i would have went about my normal work routine within a week (as what i was told). They put me on a bunch of sedative medications in which I cant afford anymore, and I believe that with my DD214 not having my signature, I never authorized an Adjustment Disorder. I am not seeking disability persay, I just want veteran services to help me with my medication. I dont understand how the military said I needed so much medical attention, and then once I am out of the service they havent been able to help me since. I have not worked since, I am drowing in debt from my medications and doctor visits. I feel like there is an extreme legal issue with me not being present for my dd214 signing, nor did i agree to these terms. Is there anything I should do, I have been told to write my congressman, as if that would do anything though. I have filed a claim through the VA however its been two years now and I still havent heard anything, they told me my paperwork was lost. (Medical Records) and they had to resubmit to find them. Meanwhile, I am without medical attention, a job, or anything. Not trying to pour out too much, just at a complete loss right now.