I know that I will be stopped in the air port when I come back. But my question is , as stated above my 440 motion appeal already in the appelate court . My attorney said that as long as my appeal is in the court immigration can not touch me , coz I am fully protected by the law. But if I travel , when I come back I will be arrested. My specific question is , can I apply for a re entry permit 2 or 3 years ? If I go to immigration office should the start removal proceedings? If I get a re entry permit for a 3 years , then I can go to my country and can stay their for 3 years . If I faild my appeal then I don't want to come back. I can travel now but I must have to come back within 1 year . But I don't get the appeal decision within 1 year. But if I get a re entry permit then I can stay more thine there , within than time I will get my appeal decision , thank you