Thank you, Ms. Stuart-Fink. I have filed an appeal. I am trying to finish my brief. I cannot afford an attorney, and legal aid cannot help me even though my income qualifies. I am having to try to do this all on my own. So far, no attorney I have called has been able to offer me pro-bono, or reduced fees (or even barter - labor for services) to help me. One attorney was kind enough to give me three hours of her time to help me get the appeal filed initially, reduced her retainer and hourly rate, but I would never be able to afford her still. I was deemed a danger to my children by the judge, despite the fact that CPS told FOC there was no reason to change custody, my children were safe with me, I have never hurt my children, and in fact, their father has. He has a history of domestic violence (he was convicted), but the judge said there was no domestic violence. I'm ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment for my mental health issues that the judge admitted she had no evidence of, and for the "unsubstantiated allegations of abuse against the father." CPS is investigating their father, yet again, for physical abuse against our son. I recently attended the Battered Mothers Custody Conference in DC and found a wealth of information and support, but I'm just not an attorney, and this is all far above my head. I did find the Michigan Guidelines for Custody, and indications for ordering supervised visitation include substance abuse, history of violence, the danger of harm to the children, etc. None of which describe me, but all of which describe their father. I'm just hoping to be able to make a cohesive brief.