You have been very helpful, thank you. Do you know why I am even being told that my 'remedy' is to file an Affidavit and Motion for Commitment in Florida, if the offender (my 'ex') lives in Georgia? What benefit would that give me? You say that if he is stopped in Georgia then GA law enforcement could hold him on the outstanding warrant, but then what? How long would they 'hold' him? Who is notified of him being detained? Who does what with him at that point? I am asking all of these questions because I am getting no answers from my current attorney. It's helpful that you are from WPB, because that is where the divorce took place in 2009 (we lived there for 13 years). He was awarded the FL home and I was awarded the NC 'vacation' home (so that is why I am currently in NC), then he was transferred with his job to GA in 2011 (and is renting out the FL home, while renting a home in GA to reside in). I'm just not understanding how all of the 'Motions' from Florida are going to help me get the justice I am seeking. This case involves his defaulting on the court order (MSA) to refinance two properties in his name and obtain a life insurance policy on himself, for me. I have recently been able to enforce the IDO, however it is not being followed as per the court order, so my 'ex' is in arrears of over $68,000 as well. If you could possibly continue to give me some much needed answers, I could maybe feel more confident in my decisions of how to proceed. Thank you so much and maybe we could even do business together in the future (depending on where this case takes me!).