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Posted about 4 years ago.

As I already elaborated in my comments to Mr. Hong, I believe the Mic-classification or Re classification of employees by the employers and the staffing agencies are very frequently happening and illegal. Unfortunately, however, based on my experience the Agencies such as DLSE do not consider the individual cases unless the case is related to a class. The WCAB may not be interested in individual cases, either or even follow the rules and findings already in place and established.
I am unaware of those dedicated and advocate inured employees/workers to address such obvious violation of law by Special and General employers.

George Ellis Corson IV
George Ellis Corson IV, Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Orange, CA
Posted about 4 years ago.

Your Micelli reference is out of context, unless the Staffing Agency's WC Carrier went Bankrupt. You should probably get an Attorney, before you charge down a Rabbit Hole.