I called the police immediately and i was educated on life in the country. We are in a shooting zone and the officer let me know that even without speaking to her she was simply shooting a warning shot and was not reckless endangerment or meant as a threat to me or my family as I perceived it. It is just the way of the country out here. We have been stationed out here from Tampa, and perhaps living in cities and subdivisions all my life, I just need to adjust, as the officer alluded to. However I do view gunshots as threatening because why else would one discharge their firearm when the situation had been resolved? Its a threat. I am sure dog vs. chickens is a tale as old as time and unfortunately I am on the losing end. And so is my dog. So now I am a prisoner in my own home, fearing stray "warning" shots from Annie Oakley and losing sleep over whether or not this is my puppy's last day. Oh, the officer also informed me that if her dog comes over and attacks mine again, I do NOT have the right to it. Thank you for your prompt response. Should I hear more shots or seeing her pointing her guns at me or my family, I will be calling the Sheriff's office again and file yet another report.