I was told today by the firm's secretary that the money was given to my dad to "help him out." Unfortunately, they helped him by writing my name on the check and giving it to him. She claims that no one was to know of this because it was to help him out and I shouldn't have had anything on file about a $600 loan/advance. So, then, why was a check written out in the first place? Under my name? If it was a "gift" or loan to my dad, it should've been a cash offer to him to "help" him. Instead, the lawyer signed a check payable to me (without my knowledge), and deducted it from my settlement check and wanted me to sign the settlement check. I learned it is unethical and unlawful to loan out money to clients. So there shouldn't have been any advance given in the first place. I don't want to ask my father for the money because I never needed money nor requested an advance from my lawyer to give to my dad to give to me. I'm not going after money here.