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Posted about 4 years ago.

I am 30 years old. My attorney failed to notify me about an advance from my settlement. Before you write a check, shouldn't you confirm with your client directly about the advance? Where it should be sent to? I didn't receive that type of communication whatsoever. The $600 dispute is and should be between my attorney and my father. I have nothing to do with it. The attorney didn't follow up with me about the advance and in the end, he was going to deduct it from my settlement. Had I not questioned what it was, I would have had a $600 loss. The insurance wrote out checks for my settlement which were to be dispersed to my attorney, chiropractor, and me...the amounts were divided according to contracted 1/3. The checks were ready and I was called to arrange for the check to be signed to finalize my settlement. I didn't have a good feeling about the $600 being deducted from my portion of the settlement. I thought the attorney was saying the $600 was some sort of fee for something I had to pay. It turned out that it wasn't.

David Lee Fiol
David Lee Fiol, Personal Injury Lawyer - San Rafael, CA
Posted about 4 years ago.

Since you're an adult you have a right to be upset - I see no basis for your attorney deducting that $600 from the settlement.