Would you be able to provide some additional clarification on what other plans should be coordinated with the inquiry? The servicemember is already under investigation by his own unit as a result (at least in part) of a no contact order that was submitted to his commanding officer at WPAFB. I was contacted by the criminal investigator handling the case, and I cooperated as well as provided any evidence I had at my disposal. As the servicemember was deployed while the investigation was underway, the OSI investigators could not go any further by means of interviewing the servicemember. The commanding officer in the field would not allow any interviews to take place during the deployment. I spoke with the legal department at WPAFB and they referred me to the Inspector General at Quantico. I ended up sending a letter to the IG that also went to my congressional rep. describing the situation and how a commanding officer's discretionary authority has impeded the investigation. At this point, I have very little faith in the entire system, leaving the serviceman empowered to continue his abusive behavior and I am left without any civilian protection. It is an extremely vulnerable and potentially dangerous situation for me.