Yes. My changed name is on my Naturalization Certificate. The problem is that when I am trying to renounce my Indian passport and get a tourist visa. The name on my Indian passport is HRC (First name,Middle Name, Last name). When I got naturalized I dropped the middle name and added my husband's last name to my last name. So it is now H CS (CS being last name). The problem is that the Indian consulate does not accept only the Naturalization certificate as proof. They need a court document. I was able to update my driver's license, SS and get a US passport without any issues. However, because I dropped my middle name, they still consider it a name change and want a formal court certificate. How do I get that??? Pls. note, this name change happened during my interview for naturalization and I did not get a name change certificate when I took oath. The oath ceremony was a public ceremony, but was administered by a Judge.