To continue, if your lease required you to pay MSD, you would have to have been billed for it by [removed], because only the property owner will ever be billed on MSD. They will not bill a tenant.

Regarding the discrepancy in rent between landlord ($540) and Housing ($520), the law forbids the landlord from charging more than Housing's "approved rent amount." There can be no outside agreements, and landlord is violating state and -I believe but am not sure- federal law by demanding higher rent than that approved by Housing. Likewise, with the move-in date. If they allowed you to move in beforehand, that is outside the contract with Housing and Housing always warns landlords not to allow move-in prior.

Regarding failed inspections and leaks and other problems: Please immediately contact counsel- I am available most of the time at (314) 757-4861. Prosecuting a mold case is not a simple matter, but you are taking the necessary steps, including getting medical attention asap. To the extent that there may be some significant damages, keep any further details off the public forum here. Best to speak to counsel off-line. This matter of mold is the crux of your issue. The other matters are of minor or no consequence, and merely speak to generally poor management on the paperwork side of things. The mold and potential injury lawsuit is serious. Please call to discuss further.