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Posted about 4 years ago.

Thank You. The note simply says "I am liable for all collections, attorney and court costs if account is assigned to collection" without specifying internal or external collection. There is no interest rate specified and no costs specified other than the late payment fee, but then again it doesn't say after how many days after the due date the payment will be considered late. Account went to external collection for 6 months and then wet back to original creditor. I paid the balance online through my account, I didn't deal with the internal collection agency. On the new statement they created there is just the collection fee to be paid, not the late payment fee. Collection fee happens to be $900 on a $2500 balance that has been already paid. I am trying to understand if I have a case and if a lawyer can help for sure.

David M. Kasell
David M. Kasell, Consumer Protection Attorney - Long Island City, NY
Posted about 4 years ago.

I would suggest trying to negotiate with them. You could hire an attorney and still end up mowing the collection fee mount. Although that amount seems very high it does not appear that there is a limit to the collection costs that you might be liable for, based on what you have described. Read the note very carefully to see if you have any other options.