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Interesting if you want better insight and a interesting case here is link to the case

I want to launch a magazine under Reno pulse but I found a buisness using a Facebook called "pulse Reno".There buisness is not even called pulse Reno or Reno pulse but rather PULSE SOCIETY they are like a photo fashion type buisness and they label there photos and advertise as pulse society.They only name there Facebook pulse Reno to optimize and advertise the word pulse and I guess Reno so they can gain a audience in this city.They are not a magazine so even if they have the name I doubt it's federally trademarked can I launch a magazine which is a totally different market anyway and technically I'm different by saying I'm "Reno pulse" also we are not going to do fashion to cause confusion anyway.I will attempt to trademark federally but no time soon.
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i notice they are kind of shifting away from the name pulse society or its not advertised alot and rather shifting towards advertising PULSE as that is what i see.So they are advertising buisness as either PULSE SOCIETY AND PULSE.I just see pulse all over there fashion photos. I would like suggestions on if I shoUld just name my buisness Reno pulse mag short for magazine to be a little different and claim I'm a magazine and in that market.BUT THIS IS THE LAST RESORT IF I AM CROSSING LINES.Regardless what name I launch as Reno pulse or reno pulse mag I don't think it matters because I'm going to advertise as a magazine most the time so I doubt I will! - edit

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Posted almost 4 years ago.

There is at least some risk, especially now that this is publicly posted for your adversary to see.