Mark W. Oakley
Mark W. Oakley, Criminal Defense Attorney - Rockville, MD
Posted over 4 years ago.

Respectfully, i believe that Maryland Criminal Procedure Code 10-109 answers this question and protects the applicant in this situation from having to disclose an expunged offense: "ยง 10-109. Prohibited acts. (a) Applications for employment or admission. -- (1) Disclosure of expunged information about criminal charges in an application, interview, or other means may not be required: (i) by an employer or educational institution of a person who applies for employment or admission; or (ii) by a unit, official, or employee of the State or a political subdivision of the State of a person who applies for a license, permit, registration, or governmental service."

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Posted over 4 years ago.

Thanks allot Mr. Oakley, you are a life saver. And also thanks to Mr. David Keith Felson for providing much needed information.