Thank you for answering my question. This is the first and hopefully last time we will have to sue someone. My husband and I both work, but my husband is the main bread winner. My husband also carries our health insurance...which if he dosn't work so many hours a year we either have to pay for our insurance or it gets dropped. We have a 11 year old with asthma and I have mixed connective tissue disease..which is Lupus, RA and Sojdrens disease. My husband is laid off at the moment due to no work so he is getting unemployment, but they will be calling him soon to go back and he won't be able to because of his surgery and of course the pain he is in and arm weakness. So his unemployment will stop. Not sure what we will do. I would not be able to work another job..I already work 40 plus hours a week and it takes all I have to get thru the week. My rheumotologist said I need to avoid stress, because it aggrovates my condition. So this accident has created one big pile of issues. Sorry to ramble on. I'm