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Posted about 4 years ago.

Hello Yes, she has significant assets, including a house in an expensive area of a nearby town, a VP level job, and other investments. The house is in an LLC and worth a good amount.

I have tested just after the sexual contact, I ran my blood, and ran all tests including Herpes, and HIV, It came back negative. I also later swabbed and that came back negative. I meet with an infectious disease specialist last week or so he told me that everything seemed fine. I am still feeling burning, pain and the nerve moving around in my legs and back.

I have limited, involvement in other relationships so my sexual history should be fine.

She has had this condition for twenty years, and told me that she takes suppressive medication for it. The medical records will show this.

I asked her why I was not given the right to choose my fate with my body and life and she told me she was trying to get to know me. I told her that was unacceptable. I really feel this is gross negligence, and that I will never be the same now. I feel that this is a gross violation of my rights as a person, almost like a rape.

She told me that if she could take it all back she would, and I have had no contact with her since a few months ago,

I have found an attorney who will take my case.

David Brian Snyder
David Brian Snyder, Personal Injury Lawyer - Syracuse, NY
Posted about 4 years ago.

We're glad you found an attorney to take your case. Best luck.