I started to clean the house march 2nd . We (myself, house owner, my mother, his one friend and my one friend,), moved almost all my belongings in on march 23 2012. we (meaning myself and my kids), starting sleeping in the home starting march 27th, only because my daughter had school and i did not want to change her bus stop until after the holiday. we (myself and my children) were here everyday all day til late evening. He told the police officer that he could not handle that my 14 yr old is depressed and under a doctors care for the last 6 months. he is aware that she cuts and threatens to kill herself. He actually said that she might be happier living in his home. She had an episode on sunday. March 31. We see a mobile therapist twice a week. She ended up going to my mothers and is doing better aftrer having an episode at my mothers as well. There were little "accidents" that happened, but nothing that was done purposely. the rooms are unpacked and the bikes are hung on the garage walls. he did a lot of things just becausde we were here. He told my mother that he would never throw me on the street on the day we were moving in my belongings. I feel confident that I did nothing wrong. he breached every oral contract/agreement we discussed. The only reason we discussed anything was because I pushed the conversation. The police were not nice and threatened multiple times to arrest me. i told him to do it and stopm talking about it. The one officer gave me information about a shelter and switched to the good cop. the other one was the bad cop. Previous conversation the house owner said that his cousins husband was a police officer in the township that he lives in. i did not ask the officers name. the house owner also said that this officer gave him "heads up information" previously. I did nothing wrong. I am not willing to lose my children.. I can afford 400 a month for rent. an apartment will run me 1000. and the house owner knew and knows everything about my finances and my life.