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Posted about 4 years ago.

I understand he is not my health Insurance. I was already at 20K on medical bills, which 12K where from his chiropractor friend, so I stopped medical treatment, until I knew what was going on. Then I called him, because he NEVER called me and told me to have this done and he was responsible for that, now he said he never said that. during our last conversation he was giving more advise to the chiro over the phone while I was there thab what i got the whole time.

Randy William Ferguson
Randy William Ferguson, Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Huntsville, AL
Posted about 4 years ago.

That is very high in my jurisdiction for a chiro bills. At some point, whatever that is, they are ruining your case. I do not understand why attorneys often do not return calls. That is probably the first sign you need to change attorneys. You probably now have a lien for $12,00.00 in chiro blls. Read your contract. I see this all the time. Soft tissue, over treatment by chiro, and the client getting stuck. Good luck.