THANKS everyone for your valuable information. I'm not in this predicament which is why I was stating what if but knowing the serious issues that may occur. I will just continue to either verbally ask children to leave the dog section of the park and will also let parents know to please respect the dog off leash section park rules and not allow their toddlers run around where they can either get a. bit or b. get knocked down. The children have their own playground in the park by the way which is spacious, they just at times like to come into the dog park because they think the dogs are cute but there's different dogs of different temperaments and some of the dogs may have issues especially if they are rescue dogs but for the most part these dogs are good.

I will also scare them and let them know not all of these dogs are vaccinated and can possibly have diseases so why take that chance with your child?

If they still do not want to oblige then I will write a written statement explaining the park rules, take a picture of the actual park rule sign and to please prohibit your children from trying to pet my dog or else I will not be responsible and it's at their own risk, If they do no not want to sign that then I will have my friend video tape the whole situation me writing the letter, explaining the dog park rules etc in case I would ever need to bring this up in court. If it gets too uncomfortable I'll simply leave the dog park section take him walking then return when they are gone or something.

I know that may be too extreme but I always like to know about the law in case I ever need to cover myself so I like to know my rights. But the lawyer who said those rules apply for the park and not necessarily dog owners hit me in a way that I know I need to protect myself.

Thanks again.