I have to confess that I misread the question, and apologize for any confusion. The $995.00 rent disappeared when the written lease ended. The lease was probably for 1 year or 12 months, not 12 years. The $750.00 rent also disappeared when the landlord reduced the rent to $388.00. The HOA does not see it that way, of course. My colleague who wrote that courts are protective of HOAs and COAs was quite accurate, but they certainly did accept your checks all that time. Make an offer to pay a reasonable amount of rent that you can afford to avoid a court's decision. Make it written so that if you do have to appear in court you can show your ood faith efforts. In that letter advise that $388.00 IS the rent the landlord requires and that you are willing to pay it, but to avoid court, you would pay $x. That letter then can be presented to the Court.