Thank you Mr. Edger, The UCCJEA could be an issue this is true the language within the Act would support that the original issuing Jurisdiction that being the state of PA would have to be convinced to relinquish it's continuing jurisdiction. I still live in the State of Pa thus there remains ◆ Preserves exclusive, continuing jurisdiction in the decree State if that State
determines that it has a basis for exercising jurisdiction. Such jurisdiction continues until the child, his or other parents, and any person acting as
the child’s parent move away from the decree State. On 3/22/13 i was at a custody conference hearing whereas the mother failed to show the matter has been certified to a non-jury trial for contempt, the master would have transferred custody but gave the former option which I chose. I haven't seen or spoken to my children since 9/18/2012. (parental alienation i believe is playing a role here) I was in a hearing in Maryland last week to have the FRO resided, the FRO states custody given to mother; the mother stated on record that I was out of the home 1 month prior to the alleged event and I have proof that I was working in Wisconsin on the date in question and the ensuing 3 months after but the judge wouldn't hear the evidence and affirmed the order. My soon to be ex-wife is due in criminal court on the 2nd of April for Credit Card theft and Identity Theft..10 count incitement. My question is really what can I do to regain my visitation at the very least.