While I appreciate your response, and called 2 different attorneys briefly describing my incident over the phone, they would not take my case as, in their opinion, my injuries were not "severe enough". However, there was liability in which I was an "invitee" (customer of this business), and although nothing is broken or I am not dying, am indeed in a lot of pain, went to emergency room, doctor concerned enough to take X-rays due to appearance of injuries, prescribed narcotic medication, and am/will be missing work due to this. There were at least 5 witnesses (2 of which helped to carry me out of the way of vehicles as I could not move at the time). So, the 2 I called today gave me the impression that attorneys have no interest unless it is at least a quarter of a million dollar high profile lawsuit, nevermind the pain and losses I have to suffer due to a pothole in the business' parking lot, just 10 steps between the entrance and the parking lot spaces. I do pay attention to where I am walking, however, my primary attention point was to my right, to see if there were any oncoming vehicles headed for the drive through of the business. So I am going to meet with the property owner on my own, and just need advice as to what to include in my claim i will be filing with the business' insurance company.