I waited to see if the back pain would go away by itself but it didn't so I called and had a MRI done and it just stated normal. My primary care DR. said that didn't seem like a complete assesment just to have normal. I have had many X-Rays done and have been given muscle relaxers and motrin for my pain. My pain is on my left side only and goes down. This is the same side the anesthesiologist stated that I was leaning on. I filed the form for the claim and have had the claims dept. mail me a denial because they said that I was overweight and I had gestational diabetes with a previous pregnancy so that is why I have back pain now. They stated that not 1 but 2 people came to this conclusion. I was stunned. I did not complete the paper to give permission to have my medical records pulled. I was actually waiting for them to subponea me. So not only do I have this claim but now I have a HIPPA violation against this military hospital and now I receive a letter that I have 6 months to file with the US District Court and if I don't comply with that time limit it will forever bar me from further suit. I have permanent damage to my back and I am beyond frustrated that I can't get a single attorney to help me. What are my options and we do I find the help that I need.