I was a silent partner and not named on the LLC. The dissolution also did not mention me or the site/domain. Therefore there was no agreement regarding what to do with the site. The site was never an agreed upon contribution. We needed a site, so I registered a domain and made it. They just used it and continue to. I was never compensated in any way for work on the site. I was never compensated for anything I did as a silent part of the ownership structure. I paid the hosting/domain registration costs myself (and have paid all renewals). I have no doubt that my former partners have no beliefs about the site aside from "it should work when we use it". I'm positive that they haven't thought about it or the hosting or domain. They're not all that savvy in that arena. They just use it. I plan to sell it for a few thousand dollars - not tens of thousands. I don't think that is right or fair. The only thing that I would say that they owe me is compensation for my work on the site and the value of the items associated with that (domains, six of them).

I will not hold the site for ransom. I have no interest in doing that. But I also will not just give it away. I registered it before the LLC was fully formed or legal. I just don't want it eating up bandwidth on my hosting plan anymore and don't wish to continue paying for renewals. I firmly believe and can demonstrate that I have been the sole owner of the domains and site since day one without ever a question raised from any of the partners, because I'm the "tech guy".