This is so helpful thanks! Just one question..the last part where you mentioned 'where there was contact"...there was NO physical contact actually as we have not seen each other for more than a year, but we were communicating by emails and I have a total of 1,000 emails from him and sent him that much. But the emails were no violence based...just random stuff or discussions about our relationship and such. So is this considered a contact in terms of affecting the domestic violence because I can show that hey he sent me 1,000 emails which shows that he is not threatened. One sneaky thing he did was to claim that since last year I sent him 1,000 emails, but then I have as much emails from not sure what was the point he was trying to make....if he claimed harassment, then why is he is writing me 1,000 emails throughout the year you know. Obviously I did not go to where he was (out of country) and made him do that lol. So it's like he has nothing against me, but uses stupid excuses against me now forgetting all the emails he has sent me himself. I would assume, based on the communication you mentioned, that if there was a mutual and non violent communication between us, then it shows that I am not threat to him just because we have been in a constant communication and it is only 10 months ago I was angry for things he did and told him off a few things, which never were executed, we did not even see each other, and we have been in a mutual communication for the whole year only via emails and phone calls. In fact, I have a list of his calls and text messages to show to the judge to show our MUTUAL communication. Plus he has lied on his statement when filing to R.O. by claiming an immediate threat, but there were no threats, only the 10-11 months one. I will use his false statement against him as it was a way for him to drag me into court as the judge might have denied the 10 month old 'threats' during the ex-parte hearing seeing how old the email was. Thanks foryour answer again :)