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Posted almost 4 years ago.

Hello Joseph i am thinking about fighting this case myself on the grounds that i was not a danger to myself or others and the other element of the crime that I was not obstructing a public access road such as a sidewalk or road. I was in the middle of the parking lot walking home. I wasnt passed out or trying to fight anyone. I got lippy with the cops and told the jailers off when I got there and raised a little hell once i was in the drunk tank which is essentially why they decided to actually charge me is what the jailer said. But jail isnt a public place right? Its not freely accessed by members of the community so I wasnt being disorderly in public. Either way I was thinking about fighting it myself up until the point I may need a little bit more knowledge. What is your retainer and fees for a charge like this?

Joseph Salvatore Farina
Joseph Salvatore Farina, Criminal Defense Attorney - Sacramento, CA
Posted almost 4 years ago.

Thank you for your interest in my services. Unfortunately, since Lassen County is more than two hours from Sacramento and I haven't had a case there since 1997, I think the better move would be to hire local counsel. It simply would be cost prohibitive for you to have me drive there to fight your case as an out of town attorney. I will put out inquires to see if I can find local counsel for you.