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Posted over 4 years ago.

If I get minimal UM then it will be spent by my insurance carrier on physical medical problems, and will be gone for any pain & suffering I have. Since there will not be any UM funds left for pain & suffering I don't need to purchase it. Thus I should refuse to carry UM thereby allowing Medicare to handle all my health care problems as they would do normally. If this is a correct interpretation of your answer, I thank you for your help. Al

Robert Bruce Kopelson
Robert Bruce Kopelson, Personal Injury Lawyer - San Jose, CA
Posted over 4 years ago.

I am licensed in California. I can tell you how um is important coverage to have here. Perhaps it will apply to your state as well. Even if you have medicare and supplemental ins, that only covers medical expenses that are paid by medicare. In Ca, the minimum coverage is 15k. I always recommend people carry more than that if they can afford it. Hypothetically, if you were hit by an at fault uninsured motorist, suffered a fractured arm, and needed treatment. 5000.00 is paid by medicare for bills. You should be able to collect 15k um if that was the amount of coverage you had. Your atty would then negotiate the medicare reimbursement down to at least 3300.00. (sometimes liens can be reduced further) In my example, there was a lot more available for pain and suffering than the 5k medical.