Rixon Charles Rafter III
Rixon Charles Rafter III, Litigation Lawyer - Fairfax, VA
Posted over 4 years ago.

I sent w/o finishing....take your contracts with the CU to your CU, and discuss... You're a member, not a customer. Make them explain it to you.

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Posted over 4 years ago.

Hi Rixon, I may have been unclear on my post. Let me explain better. I had originally applied for an auto loan and a visa card via my credit union's webpage. Both loans had been approved for over a week before we started car shopping. The credit union even explained the terms and steps to purchase the vehicle and gave us directions to bring in the purchase order for the vehicle once we picked it out so that they can process the documents and cut the check for the dealership. We live in Oregon and were shopping in Idaho, so we didn't want to make multiple trips back and forth. Upon finally picking out the vehicle we took the purchase order into the credit union and were told that the loan processor was busy so that we would have to come back the following week. We decided to secure the financing via the dealership so that we wouldn't have to come back to Oregon and then come back to Boise to pick up the vehicle. The dealership submitted our application and the same credit union picked up the loan with the same rate and terms. However the next day the credit union called to advise me that they decided to decline our visa and auto loan that we had been approved for via their website. The branch manager called me via my cell phone and left me a message right as she was closing and also advised me of the reason's she was declining the visa, but earlier she had already approved both loans. Now the dealership stated that they had a hard approval from the credit union, so what I am unclear of is whether they will be canceling the dealership approval (dealership contracts already signed) or just the visa and the auto loan that we secured directly with the credit union's website? Thank you for your help, it's greatly appreciated .