Thanks to you and everyone else who took the time to answer my post. I checked and have no criminal record. What likely caused my employer concern was a restraining order my ex filed before we even went to court as a legal move designed to help him gain sole custody. That charge was dismissed. Later in family court the judge ordered me to pay my ex the $50.00 for slapping him. Since he was paying me spousal support at the time he simply gave me $50.00 less when he wrote my next check. It was either that or the judge was going to fine him again for interfering with visitation/ignoring the courts order and then my ex could press criminal charges against me for slapping him. Our choice. Well my ex was worried along with a fine he also get jail time and then might not get it suspended, waved away with a swing of the gavel as he had the first time he was in contempt. I didn't want to go to trial, was able to avoid it by just admitting what I'd done, taking full responsibility for it and paying the fine. We both went for the sure thing rather than each trying to "win". After that we had an otherwise uneventful divorce and today we actually get along very well. We were both just very young back then. I guess because I knew I'd done this wrong thing when my employer asked me about any domestic violence I assumed she knew. That maybe I had misunderstood the judge and by admitting what I'd done I had somehow wracked up a criminal charge without a trial. Turns out she was just guessing by seeing there had at one point been a restraining order. Fishing I suppose but that's good. I would expect someone in her position to question something like that out of concern for the safety and well being of those she was ultimately responsible for. Still it's a very good lesson for all how something, one rash thing before you're even 21, old enough to legally drink alcohol (which used to be the case in our state) could land you with a criminal conviction to haunt you for life. I was fortunate my ex didn't press charges. It was a big relief to learn if that was my only charge I should be able to get it off my record. However I'm very glad that proved not to be the case, that I can avoid the expense, time and court appearance getting something like that off my record would take. Thanks again to everyone for your time and help.